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Effective Rule-Making by International Organizations: New and Emerging Approaches in the Digital-Data Era

  • NYU School of Law - Furman Hall 245 Sullivan Street New York USA (map)

How are International Organizations (IOs) exploring or beginning to leverage the opportunities offered by digital data, analytics and computational power to inform and support the development and implementation of their normative instruments, and what are the challenges?

New technologies offer unique opportunities to strengthen the quality, the implementation and the consistency of IO instruments. New sources of information, data analytics and IT means of remotely engaging with stakeholders facilitate the collection of information and inputs to foster fit-for-purpose and evidence-based development of rules. They can improve the implementation of IO instruments via better monitoring and identification of challenges in the use of IO instruments. Finally, they are likely to support coordination and exchange among IOs. Nevertheless, they may also raise key challenges related to their use, including new biases in the engagement of stakeholders, or privacy concerns.

This workshop takes advantage of the academic setting and of expertise within IOs to explore some of these emerging areas of thought and practice. It is organized as a closed-door brainstorming session of IO representatives, country delegates and academics. Discussions will be held under Chatham House rules.

Please contact Angelina Fisher, Director for Practice and Policy, at if you have any questions about this event.