Data Law in a Global Digital Economy

This symposium, held jointly by the NYU Law Review, the Guarini Institute for Global Legal Studies and the Institute for International Law and Justice at NYU School of Law, examined how law does, should, or can affect data ownership, concentration, and control in a global digital economy. It sought to reconstruct the law of data through foundational legal concepts such as contract, torts, property, trusts/fiduciary law, antitrust, and tax.  While drawing on established approaches in intellectual property law and information privacy law, the symposium focused mainly on current legal practices and future directions in data contracting and liability, data trusts, data portability and agglomeration, ownership and property rights of data, and the export of competing models of data law. The symposium is part of a project to re-conceptualize data law and regulation in the global digital economy.

Date: 9 November 2018
Location: NYU Law, Vanderbilt Hall, 40 Washington Square South, Greenberg Lounge
Organizers: Benedict Kingsbury, Angelina Fisher, Thomas Streinz, in cooperation with Marcela Schaefer
PDF of the Program
Papers published in
NYU Law Review Volume 94, Number 4 (October 2019)


Welcome, Introduction and Framing

Benedict Kingsbury, NYU Law
Marcela Schaefer, NYU Law Review
Thomas Streinz, NYU Law

Panel 1: Access to Data

Lisa Austin, University of Toronto: Safe Sharing Sites
(co-authored with David Lie, University of Toronto)


Yafit Lev Aretz, Baruch College Zicklin School of Business
Margaret Kwoka, University of Denver Sturm College of Law 


Rochelle Dreyfuss, NYU Law

Panel 2: Data Standardization and Competition

Michal Gal, University of Haifa & Daniel Rubinfeld, NYU Law: Data Standardization


Scott Hemphill, NYU Law
Daniel Francis, Federal Trade Commission


Andrew Russell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute 

Panel 3: Global Data Privacy Law

Paul Schwartz, University of California Berkeley Law: The Global Diffusion of EU Data Protection Law


Margot Kaminski, University of Colorado Law School
Samm Sacks, China Digital Economy Fellow, New America


Julia Powles, NYU Law 

Panel 4: Contractual Data Governance

Kevin Davis, NYU Law & Florencia Marotta-Wurgler, NYU Law: Contracting for Personal Data


Richard Brooks, NYU Law
Boris Segalis, Cooley


Stacy-Ann Elvy, New York Law School

Data and Property Roundtable


Jorge Contreras, The University of Utah College of Law: The False Promise of (Health) Data Ownership
Jeanne Fromer, NYU Law: Trade Secrecy, the Cloud, Machine Learning, and Automation
Jason Schultz, NYU Law: Digital Product Ownership and Blockchain
Christopher Sprigman, NYU Law: IP Protection of Data-driven Content Generation 


Katrina Wyman, NYU Law 

Concluding Remarks

Benedict Kingsbury, NYU Law
Miriam Marks, NYU Law Review